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Smart Automation Weighbridge Information System

SAWIS, Smart Automated Weighbridge Information System, offers the latest high tech services to help manage the tedious task of weighment and make the entire process an easy and reliable affair. The completely unmanned and computerized features not only welcome great cost-cutting for companies, but also prevents human errors and tampering with the weighment operations.

SAWIS integrates barcode or RFID card reader, boom barrier, traffic light, IP camera, speakers, control box, with all the commands given in vernacular languages.

It provides a complete view of every weighment action, and with the help of the sophisticated inbuilt audit trials actions such as tracking, rebuilt and monitoring of the entire process can be achieved in the comfort of the control room.

Key Features

Integration with existing weighbridges

Camera Integration

Voice driven Weighment (Vernacular Local)

Traffic Lights Integration

Smart Boom Barrier Integration

Vehicle Identification System

Barcode Slip Integration

RFID Integration

Integration with existing
solution (ERP, AMS)

Statistics & Reporting

Custom instructions

Customized vehicle authorization / access rules

Offline syncing capability

Control room monitoring of weighbridges

  1. Removes Manual Intervention (100% man-less)
  2. Cost Reduction in Weighbridge Operations
  3. Controls Malpractices and Human Errors
  4. Drastically Reduces Time to Dispatch
  5. Digital Record of Photos of Truck during weigh
  6. Sends Statistics & Reports to enable Informed Critical Decisions